caldaContrastive Adversarial Learning for Multi-Source Time Series Domain Adaptation4 weeks
Contrastive-Adaptation-Network-for-Unsupervised-Domain-AdaptationFork of Contrastive Adaptation Network for time series datasets4 weeks
PKGBUILDsBunch of Arch Linux PKGBUILDs I have created. Some are in the AUR.8 months
rpi-lightsControl my lights with my Raspberry Pi10 months
bash-threadingBash multi-threading12 months
makefilesTemplates/examples for various languages12 months
BellSystemOpen-source bell system with C++ daemon and PHP website interface. Bell rung by ...12 months
codatsSource code for "Multi-Source Deep Domain Adaptation with Weak Supervision for T...16 months
watch-protobufExperimenting with various protobuf definitions to reduce sensor data logging si...20 months
ppmadapterRC Tx PPM to Linux uinput Joystick adapter24 months
discriminator-confidenceSource code for "Multi-Purposing Domain Adaptation Discriminators for Pseudo Lab...2 years
deep-activity-learningTry to outperform random forest AL with deep AL (TensorFlow 2.0)2 years
tensorflow-experimentsExperimental implementations of various things with TensorFlow3 years
vision-landingMake a quadcopter land on a frying pan3 years
detect-frying-panObject detection neural network for detecting a frying pan in images3 years
cpu-schedulerMy contributions to the CPU Scheduler for Operating Systems class3 years
vradaVariational Adversarial Deep Domain Adaptation implementation (TensorFlow 1.x)3 years
all-the-papersCreate chart showing overlap of GANs with transfer learning3 years
cycleganCycleGAN implementation in TensorFlow3 years
linux-controlControl your Linux laptop/desktop via Google Assistant3 years
website-builderOld, outdated, insecure CMS I created back in 20083 years
dockerfilesDockerfiles that I use4 years
leetspeakA fairly robust LeetSpeak to English converter using probability of word usage4 years
AccelerometerChartA simple GPL strip chart accelerometer app for Windows4 years
TeachingHighSchoolI taught high school math. Syllabus, LibreOffice grading templates and Python gr...4 years
pathfindersStatic HTML Pathfinder website using Jekyll4 years
fotolocscanned photo extraction from images4 years
pbaworlda Bible quiz website, created for Pathfinder Bible Achievement4 years
spinachAnother AUR helper written in Bash. You ought to check out years
freetronOpen-source scantron software implementation4 years
PIDinStateSpaceRewriting a PID controller in state space form5 years
dhcp-spoofsimulate DHCP spoofing on a virtual network using Mininet6 years
meta-ecamYocto Project layer for use with e-CAM56 37x GSTIX camera7 years
flowgenA script to generate a static HTML website from text files7 years
thriftshopStatic HTML Thriftshop website using Jekyll7 years
sproutsWalla Walla University Sprouts Project 20138 years
flotografyA simple script to generate some tone-mapped images using pfstmo.8 years
duetodayStudent App for CPTR 4356 years
pendulumDigital control of the inverted pendulum5 years
carDigital control of the velocity of two wheels on a little car5 years
ReportFinal report for project5 years
PosterThe senior project poster required for Senior Seminar.5 years
Machine-Learning-Policy-FormationDynamic programming / Q learning policy - table based and with neural interpolat...5 years
thermal-soaringThe final thermal soaring code with all parts integrated5 years
bayesian-learningFrom simple Bayesian demos to using GPR and Bayesian parameter estimation on liv...6 years
autopilot-communicationRepository for the relay/data crunching between Thermal Identification, Path Dec...6 years
RLDraft1a Using reinforcement learning to maximize energy gained from thermal.6 years
TD0RandomwalkDemoMay actually be using TD(lambda). Outputs average RMS error of the values of the...6 years
RL-Multi-Armed-BanditCompares effectiveness of epsilon greedy algorithms as the number of trials incr...6 years
RL-Policy-IterationLearning agent finds its way through a maze to a reward square, using dynamic pr...6 years